Are you looking for a venue for your Community or Social Groups?

Are you looking to create a social/support group? Or maybe you already have one but need a venue. We would love to hear from you. We welcome all people from all walks of life and are available in Tamworth and Armidale NSW and can provide you with access to a lovely renovated house with kitchen facilities, tea and coffee, bathroom facilities and both sites have wheelchair access as well as beautiful organic gardens and a huge yard to enjoy.

Suggestions may be # Books clubs # Social Support Groups # Dungeons and Dragons (please it'd be so cool!) # Crafting Groups # Multi-Cultural Groups # Mum's and Bubs or Dad's and Bubs #LGBT Social Support groups # Study groups.. Pretty much anything goes, all we need to do is have a yarn and work out the details.

So please give us a call - Tamworth One of a Kind Community Hub : (02) 6765 7000 or you can email for more information.

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